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melwicker's Journal

I am an avid fan of Japanese animation. I am also an avid fan of science fiction, fanfiction and computers. I am also very interested in roleplaying, Dungeons and dragons, theoretical physics, mythology and fantasy. I love science and the arts.
80's cartoons, accents, adhd, aliens, anime, art, astrology, automan, b-movies, back to the future, bbc, being emo, big hair, black cloaks, blackpool, books, britain, buffy the vampire slayer, calvin and hobbes, capping, caption this!, captioning, care bears, cartoons, casanova, cats, cetaceans, coffee, companions, computer games, computers, cosplay, crossing jordan, csi, curiosity, d.i. peter carlisle, daleks, david tennant, deep space nine, deities, depression, disney, doctor who, doodles, dr who, dr. who, drawing, dreaming, dreams, ds9, dungeons and dragons, dw, early edition, earth, eighth doctor, fan art, fan projects, fandom, fanfiction, fantasy, farscape, fifth doctor, firefly, flying, fourth doctor, fraggle rock, games, geek chic, ghosts, giacomo casanova, ginger, glasses, hobbes, holograms, humanity, icons, internet, japan, jay and silent bob, jem, julian bashir, kittens, labyrinth, lucid dreaming, lucid dreams, magic, metaphysics, michael moore, monty python, movies, mp3s, mst3k, msting, mystery science theater, mystery science theater 3000, mythbusters, new age, new age music, nickelodeon, nigel townsend, non-violence, oceans, outer space, painting, paul mcgann, peter davison, philosophy, photoshop, psychology, purple, quantum leap, rainbow brite, red dwarf, retro, robots, rose petal, sailor moon, sci-fi, science fiction, scots weasels, seventh doctor, sketches, slutboi alien tease, souls, st:ds9, st:tng, star trek, strawberry shortcake, stuffed animals, superheroes, superman, symbolism, tardis, tea, tenth doctor, the doctor, the phoenix, the x-files, time machine, time travel, timelords, today's special, tom baker, tom servo, tron, ufos, unicorns, video games, wallpaper, writing